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  • Nov 01

    Advanced Otology course 2015

Welcome to the ENT OMAN 
Evolution of ENT services in Oman.

The specialty of Ear Nose and Throat started in 1974 within the general service provision framework of the Renaissance of 1970 with the ascension of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. This included urgently needed health services to the Omani population. Prior to that, the health services were limited to a few privately run charitable clinics. The first ENT clinic started at Al-Rahma hospital in Muttrah. It was started by Dr K.

Kishore (FRCS) who was recruited to start ENT services in Oman along with others from different specialties. In the beginning, the clinics, theater and beds were shared amongst the various specialties. The amenities were makeshift and rudimentary and the doctors tried their best to create the same atmosphere in which they were trained (mostly UK).

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